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Going "GREEN"

Associated with life.
When we see green leaves we know the plant is healthy.
When given the green light it is safe to go or proceed.

When we hear GREEN in the cleaning industry we commonly think of products that are safe to use and Eco-friendly.  But GREEN has often become a term used to help increase sales and customer appeal.  Just because it has a green colored label does not mean it is a tested and certified product to meet the goals of the GREEN Initiative.  Beware of this marketing strategy and familiarize yourself with the legitimate organizations' seals and understand the certification process.  Not all certifications are the same.  Some address the chemical make-up and Eco-friendliness of the product by seeing if the materials used to make the product are toxic or hazardous to the environment.  Others address the impact from the manufacturing process to see if they are being friendly to the environment while actually making the product.  Still others reflect the biodegradability of waste material.

Our sales staff welcomes opportunities to discuss your "GREEN Cleaning" goals and lay out a plan to help you select the most efficient products and methods.

EPA (Environmental Protection Agency)
Green Seal
Green Seal
Ecologo (Canadian)
Chlorine Free
Chlorine Free
LEED (Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design)
            A U. S. Green Building Council Program