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Vendor Managed Inventory

The Paidon Products Vendor Managed Inventory Program helps control ordering and inventory costs, freeing your team to focus on core functions.

Paidon Products’s Vendor Managed Inventory Program is a valuable money-saving and time-saving service that we offer to clients, including universities, school systems, government facilities, and building service contractors. The Vendor Managed Inventory process begins with an analysis of your entire maintenance program. Based on your custom analysis, our logistics experts identify ways to simplify ordering, delivery and stocking processes in order to control product usage and reduce waste.

If your facility is either certified or applying for certification under the USGBC LEED program, our Vendor Managed Inventory solution can greatly simplify the process of managing and reporting inventory usage for compliance.


Program Benefits:

  • Reduces excess inventory ordering and carrying costs
  • Ensures constant and easy access to supplies: never out of stock
  • Ensures complete inventory of certified and compliant products
  • Includes usage reporting for LEED certification credit

To receive a no-cost evaluation of how the Vendor Paidon Products Managed Inventory Program can assist your operation, please contact us.